Business Solutions

Introductory & Hourly Consultations

Complimentary one-hour face-to-face consultations are available. This service assists in determining your business needs.  Additional hourly consultation is recommended to determine the approach for a successful resolve.

TurnKey Services

Turnkey services are available for business continuity, daily operations, and resources support.

Assistance with the set-up and establishment of your business is available, including branding registration, acquiring EIN, required certifications and training, website presence, policy and procedure, organization, forms and even ordering your business cards.

Professional Development

Complete services are offered, including team building ventures, evaluations and creating a PDP (Professional Development Plan).  This involves deep self reflection and establishing SMART Goals. Extended coaching and guidance is recommended.

Professional Training

The Early Bird catches the worm. Continued professional training is important, even if it takes non-traditional approaches.