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 Children Anointed, LLC helps strengthen both sides of the Early Childhood Education field. We provide exceptional training and assessments for Administrators, Staff and Teachers; while offering impactful workshops and support for Parents. 

We believe children excel and thrive when receiving the best quality care. This means well-trained administrators, teachers and parents are a necessity. Because of this, we help build stronger professionals, families and communities! 

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Earlier on, Mrs. Williams became very passionate about the care and safety of children, even beyond her own child care.  She then successfully pursued her career as an Educator, Trainer and Consultant.

Mrs. Williams is a Trainer for Better Brains for Babies, Strengthening Families, NAFCC Accreditation and Bright From The Start.  She is a Professional Learning Community (PLC) and Parent Cafe' Facilitator.  She is a  Professional Development Specialist for the CDA Council and is an Early Childhood Education Consultant.  She offers professional development and  turnkey services for childcare businesses.  Having more than 25 years  experience in Early Childhood - Child Development, she also offers  parent workshops and parental support sessions for parents seeking positive guidance and advice in raising their children. 

Even in her personal time she advocates for children as a CASA, and is a legal Parent Surrogate (in several counties), for children with IEP's who may not have parental representation.  Her passion is child safety and she is tenacious in her speeches against child abuse!


Parents and Professionals with positive visions, creating safe environments for infants and children, conducive to living and learning.


Helping adults to become students again, in a safe environment conducive to learning. Trusting their convictions will influence their practices to positively impact the lives of children and families.


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Children Anointed, LLC is dedicated to giving back to the communities where we live and work.  It is a privilege to support charitable organizations who are serving and helping the families in our community.

For several years, Children Anointed, LLC has supported NSpire and Hope House for Domestic Violence via on-going financial gifts and tangible donations.

Please join us in supporting these awesome charitable organizations. Just click on their names above and sign up to start donating. You will be aiding a worthy cause and helping to support children and families in our communities.

I'm A CASA Volunteer! You Can Be Too!

Have you ever heard a heart-breaking story of an abused child and wished you could do something to change the lives of children?

There is certainly something you can do! You can advocate in the lives of children who otherwise may not have a voice. How can I do that you ask?

                                      BECOME A CASA VOLUNTEER!

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